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Did you know that there are thousands of different Online Casinos to choose from out there? It is hard not to get lost and choose the right one for yourself. We don’t want players to read expert advices on which game is the best for you for hours and hours. With our help you will make the right choice quickly!

Our passion is to find the best online casino for every player. We are a young and innovative start-up, consisting of different experts in web development and online marketing. Together we are testing several online casinos and we spread our experience. Negative aspects and downsides will be revealed, so this will help you to make the best decision on which online casino to choose.

Who we are and how we work

Gambling is as big as ever and playing casino games is becoming more popular each day. More and more people use the comfort and convenience of playing online casino games from home. They use PayPal or their credit card to transfer money to virtual wallets and choose from different online casino games within minutes. Our team is dedicated to help the players avoiding possible threats by providing our expertise and judgement on the many different online casino providers out there.

In the countries of European continent and especially in the UK we are working on a comprehensive market analysis of the industry. All of our team members are very experienced with online casinos. We are focusing not only on how the website and service of the online casino operator is build, but especially the trustworthiness of operators and how they manage the payments.

We are testing the different slots and other casino games and give you the best insight on what to consider and pay attention to. Our test reports are there to help the players to bet their hard-earned money on good and secure platforms and not lose it with unserious websites. We analyse thousands of operators to improve your experience and minimize your risks.

Our Team – Passionate and Experienced

Philipp GrunwaldIn the meantime, we have more than 10 people working in our different projects, all with different backgrounds and skill sets. The head of our team is Philipp Grunwald, who is responsible for the website and preparing the analysis metrics as well as content creation.

Stephanie GartnerIt is also very important to have a good web site creator on board. Working closely with the chief editor, web developer Stephanie Gartner is taking care of the website development. The visual appearance and design aspects of the testing reports is also part of her responsibility.

Thomas MaierThe heart of our company is of course the reviews and feedbacks. Responsible here is Thomas Maier, who is also in a lead role for the team of testers. This team has in total 6 people testing different online casinos, their security features and payments mechanisms.

Anna FreytagIn terms of marketing and communication we have Anna Freytag on board, who is taking care of public relations and expanding brand awareness of our company. She is also our first point of contact for our users, ensuring a high level of service and user satisfaction.

Best Online Casinos – Our service

Of course you might be wondering how exactly our service can be of added value for you as a customer. Let s explain to you the benefit of our service:

  • You will save time, money and nerves. By us testing online casino platforms beforehand and providing comprehensive reviews you can be assured that you choose the right operator and not be victim of one of the many shady casinos out there. We ensure that your money is safe and you can enjoy the online gambling experience without worries.
  • We have a big database of reviews. We are measuring every online operator by very strict assessment standards.
  • We developed a guideline for you – if you are approaching a casino operator we have not tested yet. These guidelines give you a powerful tool to self-evaluate if a casino site is trustworthy or not.
  • We are always here to help you out with questions. Just contact us.
  • Quality is our core value. You can be assured that our reviews are done very accurately and to the best of our abilities.

Our Philosophy – What We and Our Customers Believe in

We believe that it is not only important to have a lot of experience in the industry and a high level of service, but also to have a good communication and cooperation with external experts. This ensures a continuous improvement of our service and that we are always one step ahead for our customers. Each reviewer has analysed Online Casinos industry for years and we are also active in the market research for more than 10 years now. We always try to be the number one to deliver an exceptional service to our customers.

Our editors are very experienced in these topics as well and have a lot of knowledge around the gambling industry. Besides the passion and practice in the industry it is also very important for us to have an economic scope in our day to day work and try to find ways of improving along the way. We try to be close to our customers and maintain a good and trusted relationship with them that we have gained over the years by our valuable and comprehensive reviews and knowledge as well as close and friendly partnership with our customers.