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Best Welcome Bonus 2019 in UK Online Casinos

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The first thing that strikes the eye of many players at an online casino is the welcome bonus. For many, it is important to know who offers the best online casino welcome bonus. As a player, this question can hardly be answered by the amount of offers.

With such a welcome bonus, the online casinos try to attract customers, or first of all to attract prospective customers. In the past, therefore a kind of online casino standard for welcome bonuses has become established. A few casinos even go one step further and offer a little more than this standard. The best bonus at online casinos is one of the most important evaluation criteria when it comes to choosing the best online casino.

What is an online casino welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is first of all a gift or a bundle of offers, which a player usually already receives when registering at the casino free of charge, quasi as a reward for the registration. Often a so-called deposit bonus is also granted, which usually doubles the deposit amount. But you don’t need to make a deposit to get the regular online casino welcome bonus.

When Bonus Creates Win-Win Situation

Of course, the online casino welcome bonus is a marketing strategy to attract new players and customers. In the end, however, both benefit. Because on the one hand, the online casino may have won a new customer. On the other hand, the player did get something for free that he can make into real money. For players, the welcome bonus is above all one thing: free money. Because let’s be honest, most players do not pursue this hobby only for pure pleasure. Although it is also a lot of fun. But the reality is that you also do it because of the thrill of winning real money.

How to Choose & Use Best Welcome Bonus?

Of course, online casinos compete very strongly with each other. Everyone wants to hold their own in the market and get their piece of the cake – best of all the biggest. Much competition always means advantages for the consumer in the free market. In this case in relation to the online casino welcome bonus. Because the casinos try to outbid each other. Because it is clear that the casino that offers the best welcome bonuses will also tend to assert itself against its competitors and attract more customers. Online casinos are no different than food discounters. However, there are also small disadvantages. The flood of offers at online casino welcome bonus is almost unmanageable.

Because on the one hand there are welcome bonuses in the form of play money. Which you can turn by playing also partly to real money. On the other hand, there are also free spins. The free spins then mostly refer to certain games. Mostly slots. However, you can turn also these free spins into real money. Because the winnings you make during the free spins are real money and can be paid out. Therefore, free spins are very interesting for the player himself. Of course there are limits here. Usually in the form of limitations on certain games. This means, for example, that you can only gamble the free spins on slot machines. But this is not the case with all online casinos. Therefore, you should choose the most suitable online casino welcome bonus for you.