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Best Online Casino Software Providers 2022

Emily Campbell
Emily Campbell

May 11, 2021

27 min read

Casino Software in the UK

Online casino software plays such a key role in how we get to enjoy the entire industry. Without the proper kind of software, we would be playing the most basic of games. Instead, the rush to create brand new, high-quality casino software means companies are coming back time and time again. It means that new games are made, and new evolutions are formed. The end result? We end up with many more guys to play. However, in this search, it can be hard to pick out your ideal developer. So, with this guide by CasinoNow, you can find out all the data you need to make your choice for a company you can trust to give you a comfortable gambling experience.

Recommended Online Casino Software


  1. Choosing casinos with top software
  2. Best Online Casino Software providers for UK players 2022
  3. How Online Casino Software Works
  4. UK Market & Online Casino Software Industry Now and in Future
  5. List of All Software Companies in the UK
  6. Top Casino Software Providers in UK – Our conclusion
  7. Online Casino Software – FAQ

Choosing casinos with top software

At CasinoNow, we look to evaluate all of the software that we look at. This means we look at everything from their history to their current reputation. We also look at the kind of games they make, the themes they pay most attention to, major partnerships, and much more. This helps us to build up a fair and full profile of just about every casino software provider in the UK, so you fully understand what they offer.

Casino Software Selection

Selection Factors

When it comes to looking at the factors that matter to players, we look to focus in on the following factors:

  • Games Design – How are their games designed? What features are commonly present?
  • Games Technologies – What kind of technology do they build their games on? What certificates are used?
  • Games Selection – How good, and how varied, is their games selection?
  • Games Interface – Are their games easier to play? Does the interface work well?
  • Games Topics – What themes and topics do they explore? History? Movies? Mythology?
  • Games Safety & Security – Are their games safe to play? Do they use legitimate RNG systems for fairness?
  • Mobile Gaming – How well do the games from said provider run on a desktop or mobile device?
  • Game Bonuses – What kind of bonus freebies and bonus rounds can players access with this particular game?
  • Casino integration – How well integrated is the casino in terms of licenses and software provisions?

Best Online Casino Software providers for UK players 2022

So, which of the various casinos software providers should you come and try out first? Let us show you. Use this simple guide, and you should have no problem at all in finding out which online casino software you’ll enjoy most.



Without doubt, NetEnt holds one of the richest reputations in the whole industry. They are among the most famous names and they have been around for a long time now. Their games include everything from slots games to table games including roulette, so they have a good variety of game for you to try out.

One thing you will notice about NetEnt, though, is their variety. While many other companies tend to stick to one or two themes, NetEnt are happy to be ambitious and try out new things. For that reason, they are absolutely worth your time to try out. Their game selection is among the very best.

NetEnt Benefits

  1. NetEnt has some of the best games in the world, drawing from various inspirations.
  2. Not just a slots developer; they also create table games and other live dealer games.
  3. NetEnt has one of the most varied games ranges, touching on various styles.
  4. Games are proven to be honest and fair.

Casinos with NetEnt Software

Many online casinos run with the NetEnt range of games. Some of the most popular include the likes of Casumo, Dunder Casino, Royal Panda, and Unibet. Some other good choices would include Karamba, though you can find NetEnt casino games on many major online casinos in the UK.



Hugely popular for many gamers, Thunderkick has built a reputation on their unique and engaging looking games. They are a company without a huge reputation so far, but they have made a steady supply of cool little casino games. Without a doubt, they have been a boon for the industry.

Part of what makes Thunderkick stand out so much is their interesting minimalistic approach to games. They don’t tend to overdo it with the graphics or the interface of their games. As such, playing a game with Thunderkick backing it ensures it should be fun and without any needless complexity.

Thunderkick Benefits

  1. Thunderkick has many benefits, including its unique range of slot games online.
  2. You can find that most Thunderkick games have a very interesting, colourful design.
  3. Games from Thunderkick are some of the easiest to grasp in the entire industry.
  4. They have an experience team with previous history at other developers.

Casinos with Thunderkick Software

They tend to be found on quite a few of the major casinos in the UK, though their most obvious port of call at the moment is that of Casumo. They tend to get Thunderkick games as much as two weeks before everyone else, so go there for exclusive early access!



Having ethically built up a reputation of fairness and quality, Microgaming is among the largest providers in gaming worldwide. They are known for their rich range of innovative slot games. Out of all the major developers, it would be fair to say that Microgaming probably has the most diverse range of games to try out in terms of new features and innovations. For most gamers, they are one of the most ideal places to look to when you want a more bespoke gaming experience. They, quite simply, do things the right way; they do it differently from their competition.

Microgaming Benefits

  1. A fantastic collection of games that tend to be very much unique in their layout.
  2. Plenty of great branded partnerships and deals that makes sure you have fun.
  3. High RTP on most of their games, making it easier to win back with playing.
  4. Entertaining and enjoyable collection of slot and table games to play.

Casinos with Microgaming Software

While Casumo is the most common place you can find their games, they also work with places like Roxy Palace, Royal Panda, and Unibet. This should help you to find their games on some of the top casinos in the UK, ensuring you can start playing today.



The ideal choice for anyone looking to play games with a proven track record. Playtech are one of the oldest names in the casino gaming industry. They work with over 10 casinos in the UK alone, and have a great range of games spread across a whole host of online casino platforms. If you are looking for an easy way to enjoy casino gaming, then you should absolutely give some time to the Playtech collection. There is a reason why Playtech is rated among the very best platform developers in the world; they appreciate what really matters in development.

Playtech Benefits

  1. High quality range of games spread across various different themes and ideas.
  2. Creative approach to games development allows games to thrive online.
  3. High standard of gaming, with plenty of interesting bonus levels to enjoy playing.
  4. Impressive quality of casinos carrying some of their most popular games today.

Casinos with Playtech Software

Playtech is a company that you can find on just about any online casino platform that you check out. They are using major online casinos in the UK including the likes of Paddy Power, Sportingbet, Chilli Casino, Betfair, and William Hill to name just a few of the companies they partner up with.



Having become famous for their approach to 3D games development, Betsoft do a fantastic job of making gambling easier. They have a rich range of 3D video slots that can play a key role in helping you to enjoy casino gaming from a new perspective. On top of that, they have a range of interesting casino partnerships. They have some big games, such as The Slothfather, that builds on a very interesting take on the famous mob movie. Without doubt, there is something deeply enjoyable and intriguing about Betsoft, with various online poker and slot games to try out yourself.

Betsoft Benefits

  1. High quality gaming experience built around making sure you can enjoy yourself.
  2. 3D games that look outstanding but are never too demanding on performance.
  3. Rich variety of games with numerous themes and ideas touched upon throughout.
  4. Many of their games are integrated with other software for the best performance.

Casinos with Betsoft Software

Casinos with Betsoft games available for you to come and play include the likes of Wishmaker Casino, Cashmio, Casino Room, Dream Jackpot, React Casino, and Atlantic Spins Casino. This, though, is just a small list of the casinos which are carrying the famous collection of games which are produced by Betsoft.



Having formed as far back as the 1980s, Novomatic has become a premium name within online slots gaming. Their games have been developed for over forty years, then, and were one of the first producers of land-based casino software in Europe. Their interesting cult following has seen them collect quite the name for themselves.

They might not known for the stunning graphics of some of the other names, but they are a fine choice for numerous reasons. It’s why Novomatic has secured such a big range of games that cover so many interesting themes and ideas across the slots industry.

Novomatic Benefits

  1. Great range of games with easy to use interfaces, making gaming feel nice and simple.
  2. Varied and unique range of games that can easily be played on mobile and desktop.
  3. Good games that come with numerous features and bonus rounds for entertainment.
  4. Impressive graphics which have steadily improved over the years.

Casinos with Novomatic Software

Numerous major UK casinos will be holding the rights to using Novomatic games. This includes the likes of Grosvenor Casino, Casumo, LeoVegas, and BetVictor. This should give you a good idea of just how popular this company is. With so many companies holding access to their games, this shows they are in high demand!

How Online Casino Software Works

Funstions of Online Casino Software

Online casino software operates using what is known as a Random Number Generation (RNG) system. This lets players know that the games are producing the results and the figures randomly, without any set-in predictions or issues. That’s why online casino software can seem so random – it really is. Today, the quality of the industry means that it would be night-impossible to promote games that come without fairness built-in. That’s why the Return To Player (RTP) is so important; it lets players know if games are producing genuine returns on a regular basis.

Types of Online Casino Software

Of course, various forms of online casino software exist. Knowing which type of software you will be playing is very important. So, what are the most important distinctions to take into account when choosing types of online software?

Instant Software

Instant software is another common choice, and this means that it simply loads up in your browser. Most Instant Software games are HTML5-written, meaning that they can be understood by just about any modern smart device or desktop device. In contrast to the above, nothing has to be downloaded to play.

Download Software

Download software is, as the name suggests, software that you have to download first. Some games can be played without downloading (see below). With a download game, you have to download it to your PC/smart device first before you can start playing it. This however is growing increasingly uncommon today.

Mobile Software

As the name suggests, mobile software is games that simply load up on a mobile device. They are designed with features and functions purely for a mobile user. From touch screen inputs to the right image resolution, everything is stretched out to ensure it fits a mobile screen perfectly.

Popular Terms used for Casino Software (Glossary)

Getting your head around the various terms that you hear when playing an online casino game can be a nightmare. Need a hand working out which words to look out for? Here is a basic glossary to help you:

  • Ante – The initial bet that is needed before a hand/round of betting can start.
  • Balance – How much money you have left over following your bets.
  • Bet – The sum that you are going to be placing as part of your overall bet here.
  • Betting Limit – The minimum/maximum that you can place per software round.
  • Bonus – Usually a hidden round that can be accessed with certain techniques, with big rewards.
  • Cashback – a refund in bonus money and/or cash that you receive after losing when playing.
  • Edge – Whoever has the odds favouring them – House Edge means the casino.
  • Free Spins – Spins that could still net you a winning, but cost you nothing to play.
  • Jackpot – The art of winning the largest prize that you could with what you put on.
  • Line Bet – How much you have paid for a bet for each payline which is active.
  • Multiplier – A symbol in slots gaming that can produce large winnings for you.
  • Odds – The chances of the outcome you have bet on actually coming true.
  • Payline – The number of positions on the reels, moving from left to right.
  • Progressive – Keeps growing based on how many players are taking part and betting.
  • RNG – Random Number Generation; used to help determine winning/losing combinations.
  • Wager – Your bet.
  • Ways to Win – How many different combinations can produce a wining result in this game.

UK Market & Online Casino Software Industry Now and in Future

For some time now, the UK market has been undergoing a bit of a change. The market was once very much small-time, with only a small collection of companies actually being noticed. However, today we can see a whole list of competitors appearing. The industry in the future, though, might have to change tact. There is much talk of legislation and regulation in the UK changing, which could impact on the online casino industry. It’s likely that, in time, legislation is only going to increase which could adjust what offers and options we all have.

List of All Software Companies in the UK

The UK software market is very diverse, with various big names growing stronger all the time due to its presence. Some notable names include:

Top Casino Software Providers in UK – Our conclusion

So, with such a wide range of providers to pick from, you will likely be all too aware of just how diverse this industry is. Our conclusion would be, then, that you should never shut yourself off to playing with just one provider. Instead, you should look to try out as many varied providers as you can. Arguably, the top five providers in the UK include NetEnt, Thunderkick, Microgaming, Playtech, and Betsoft. However, other major names like Novomatic, Play’n Go, and Pragmatic Play have built outstanding reputations within and around the UK industry. The sheer variety in how they make games and how they go about making games come to live is very interesting. Really, the only limit is future legislation! Our view, then, is simple: casino gaming in the UK is healthy, fresh, and ready to continue to grow. The view that we hold is that with so many different providers, the future can only be a positive one with so many exciting companies getting involved today.

Online Casino Software – FAQ

Are all software slot games the same?

Not at all! Most games come with their own unique side-games, bonus rounds, and themes. Though there are generic sets for things like the size of the reels and the like, games remain unique.

Can a casino game be rigged/manipulated?

In theory, yes. However, all of the software providers we have touched on have long-term reputations in the industry. We would be shocked to see any games they produce being rigged given their overall reputation.

Is there any guaranteed way to win a slots game?

Nope, not really! There are some tactics and techniques often limited to that one particular slots game, though. You might find that reading into the slots games you enjoy playing the most could yield some interesting results for you moving forward.

How does a progressive slots game work?

These slots games are run consecutively on more than one casino at once. All of the winnings, instead of being tailored to you, are instead spit up into a massive pot. This could see someone win a huge sum of money.

So, is it all about luck?

Not necessarily; it’s also about learning the systems of each slot game that you enjoy playing. If you can learn its layout and how the game tends to play out, it’s about finding your strategy. For the most part, though, luck plays a major role.

Can I try out a game at CasinoNow?

Yes, we provide both free and paid options for you to try out some of the most popular games from some of the biggest UK names.

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