Wazdan Casinos – Software Guide for UK players 2020

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Emily Campbell

Our primary aim is to make sure that you can enjoy the safest gaming experience without any break in consistency. If we believe that a casino is very much to the highest standard, we’ll strike up a partnership. However, our partnership in no way plays a role in constructing or deciding our opinions.

Today, we’ll be diving deep into the world of Wazdan casinos; a prolific slots provider who has created some of the most memorable slots to date. We thoroughly test all of our software to examine the playability. Here at CasinoNow, we believe in a quality gaming experience, and we want to make sure that all of our players can make the most of the games. It’s important for UK players to understand just how Wazdan casinos work; it can help them to better understand the gameplay mechanics, potentially increasing their chances of a big win! Let’s jump right into our complete Wazdan Casinos software review:

Top Wazdan Casinos in the UK: Full List 2020

£1500 + 100 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£10 + 500 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£200 T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
100% BONUS UP TO £100 + 50 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
100% up to £100 T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£200 + 200 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
Deposit £50 and play with £100 T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£100 + 300 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£100 + 50 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
100% up to £123 T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
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£400 + 100 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£300 + 300 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
Deposit £50 and play with £100 T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
100% up to £100 T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£200 + 200 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom

Wazdan Casino Games: play for free or with real money

Some players prefer to get a feel for the game before they commit to betting their hard-earned cash on the volatile world of slots. Others might just enjoy the game, without wanting to take a potential risk.

Whether you’re a high-roller, low-roller or a no-roller, we have good news: at CasinoNow, you can play Wazdan casino games for free OR with real £GBP. Our portal comes with game modes to suit any play-style, so you can place high-stake spins or simply kill time with a free play.

Both free games and paid bets are fully-functional and easy to get to grips with – what are you waiting for?

Top 5 Wazdan Games in the UK 2020

Here are just a few of the top 5 Wazdan slots games for 2020. These are all popular titles, with thousands of dedicated players across the country. You can read more about each title below:

Power of Gods: The Pantheon

Step into the mythic world of ancient Greece as you go up against the gods to secure your fortune. This 5-reel traditional style slot can keep players entertained for hours on end. Innovative gameplay will keep you glued to the edge of your seat as you fight for that jackpot.

Highway to Hell Deluxe

Filled with iconic 50’s-style artwork, Highway to Hell Deluxe will take players through the rings of inferno. Another 5-reel, 5-payline slot, players have the opportunity to win huge multipliers to win big. Overloaded with wilds, this can be a volatile and highly entertaining game.

Football Mania Deluxe

Us Brits just LOVE our football, and Wazdan has managed to build this into an extremely exciting and wild title! Using a unique playstyle, where gamers can change the volatility to suit their own style, Football Mania includes everything you need for a great time.

Butterfly Lovers

Butterfly Lovers is an oriental paradise based on ancient Japanese traditions. 16 symbols over a 4×4 reel make Butterfly Lovers an exciting journey into the Eastern world. With a jackpot of over £300,000, this is a great game to try your luck against – though the controls might seem a bit confusing at first

Magic Stars

Magic Stars is a very traditional slot, and one that wouldn’t be out of place in an old countryside pub. Reminiscent of easy-to-play online games like Candy Crush, the fun graphics make it an enjoyable and laid back experience. There’s still the potential to win big, though, with an assortment of wilds and multipliers to keep you on your feet.

Wazdan Games & Slots RTP List – Highest & Best RTP Values

RankGames & SlotsRTP
1Win And Replay96.99%
2Mystery Jack96.79%
3Mega Jack 81 (Wild Jack 81)96.73%
4Magic Target Deluxe96.63%
5Magic Target96.63%
6Burning Reels96.63%
7Good Luck 4096.62%
8Dragons Lucky 896.6%
9Slot Jam96.59%
10Fruit Mania (Wazdan)96.59%

Online Casino Software in General

At CasinoNow, you can find more than just the Wazdan catalogue; players can find titles from an assortment of well-known and highly respected developers and studios alike. Players from the UK have been enjoying CasinoNow for years – we’re always looking for new ways that gamers can make the most of our slots.

Let’s meet Wazdan software

Throughout this section, we’ll dive into the world of Wazdan. We’ll look at all of the unique features that make the studio stand out, along with how it compares with other slots creators from around the world. We’ll analyse everything from the gameplay, all the way to the technical details.

Wazdan Casino Games Experience

Wazdan slots follow a similar formula to other developers within the industry. By their nature, slots games are straightforward and easy to play; Wazdan is no different. With simple controls and user interfaces, most slots by Wazdan can be controlled with just a click of your mouse.

Games Design

Each slot has been crafted to be vibrant, bright and colourful. As with many other slots, Wazdan games are eye-catching and very visually pleasing, making players want to fully immerse themselves in the in-game world.

This doesn’t stop at the background colours; even the spinning motions and icons are eye-catching, which makes it very easy for the slots to keep the user’s attention.

Wazdan also makes heavy use of cultural icons, mainly as a way to add an extra layer of story to their already narrative-rich games. Players can expect to find ancient imagery, traditional icons and exotic themes in a lot of Wazdan games.

Games Technologies

Wazdan is big on safety and the protection of its players, so uses high-quality technology along with a variety of international certificates and licences (which we’ll look more into later) to provide enjoyment all around the world. The technology used is created in-house to provide unique, original titles.

Games Selections

Wazdan Casinos create an assortment of different slots, all using original and unique gameplay modes that appeal to a variety of online players. There’s a plethora of different themes, styles and icons, so players will be able to game however they choose!

What makes Wazdan really stand out is their authentic approach to the industry; they understand that slots are a saturated market, so they create original solutions that really make their titles worth playing.

By introducing previously unseen gameplay mechanics and entirely new ways to play, Wazdan cater to every slot player, regardless of their preferences! Along with their iconic slots, Wazdan also creates other titles, such as video poker and other online casino games.

Games Interface

Wazdan makes use of an easy-to-understand interface to maximise the playability of their slots. As most controls can be accessed from within the slots window, you can easily pick the game up and start playing. For most Wazdan games, the table of slots and the list of games is easy to find through the options menu.

Games Topics

Fantastical worlds, ancient cultures, and of course MASSIVE riches are all key parts of the Wazdan games collections!

From the circus-tops of Magic Target Deluxe, the Nordic realms of Valhalla – all the way to the spaghetti western themes of Wild Guns, Wazdan regularly create rich games that pique your natural curiosity.

They don’t exclusively create fantasy, though; gambling and high-rolling are also more modern themes that the developer regularly plays into.

The guys at Wazdan have undoubtedly found a way to create engaging, fast-paced games using a wide range of topics and themes; you’ll have fun, whether you’re a wizard in the Great Book of Magic or a top gambler in Vegas Hot.

Games Safety & Security

Unlike other studios who seem to churn out unreliable games for the sake of making money, Wazdan really cares about the safety of their players. They take every precaution to ensure that their games are safe, secure and of consistently high quality. This is a testament to their honesty and integrity as a slots developer.

Mobile Gaming

The collection of mobile Wazdan slots is just as intuitive as their online versions. The slots, reels and controls all fit perfectly within any handset, making it perhaps even easier to use on your mobile phone! The only downside is that you’ll have to play on a smaller screen.

Game Bonuses

From what we can tell at the time of writing, there aren’t any Wazdan official tournaments or progressive jackpots. Competitive players have no need to worry, though: many casinos will offer their own bonuses to keep the titles fun and exciting. Wazdan may introduce some of these features in the future, too!

Casino Integration

At first, casino integration might seem a little difficult. That because Wazdan has partnered with SoftGaming to create a backend API integration system. Casinos will need to use SoftGaming Unified API, which will provide their entire catalogue, as well as their 12 new yearly titles.

Wazdan Casino Licenses

Wazdan has sought out gaming licences from the Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao eGaming, the Romanian National Gambling Office, as well as the UK Gambling Commission. With already four of the most recognised licensing offices across the world behind it, Wazdan also holds a permit to offer its products in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Wazdan Casinos

Here, you can expect to find our comprehensive list of advantages and disadvantages of Wazdan casino games:


  • Unique gameplay experience
  • Original gameplay mechanics
  • Customisable volatility
  • Different ways to play
  • Huge variety of titles to choose from
  • Passionate about their player base
  • Very experienced developer


  • Lower volatility than other providers
  • Controls and mechanics can be difficult to grasp, especially for new players
  • Some titles share very similar styles and themes
  • Lower payouts than many other slots

What about the RTP of Wazdan casinos?

Each game seems to have a wildly different RTP, which only complements the fast-paced and volatile nature of their games

Ranging from 93% to 96.5%, the return to players will be largely based on the game they choose to play, and in some cases, the stakes that they put on the slot.

Wazdan Software Features

Part of Wazdan’s unique selling point is their commitment to adding original software features that change the way we play.

The biggest (and most exciting) feature is arguably the volatility levels. Players can choose whether to play on low, medium or high volatility, which can make the game more exciting or more reliable. It can affect the winnings, though it can be great for players who like laid back games.

Aside from this, Wazdan also use ‘ultra’ speeds. If you prefer slower gameplay – or if your connection speed isn’t too great – you can select ‘ultra-lite mode’. Alternatively, if you live for the speed of the game, you can select ‘ultra-fast mode’!

Wazdan History

Wazdan is one company that knows how to develop with time. Here’s a quick timeline of the history of this great company.

In 2010, they formed in Malta under the name of Server-Based Solutions, receiving their first MGA license, authorising them to operate in Malta.

As a group of like-minded individuals, all of who were passionate about the industry (and slots in particular), they made it their mission to create unique, fun games that were separate from the tide of consistently boring titles.

Built on loyalty, integrity and honesty, Wazdan remains one of the biggest online games developers today.

Milestones of Wazdan

Over the years, Wazdan has hit many significant milestones, all of which have contributed to their success as an online game developer. Let’s take a look:

  • 2010: Wazdan was formed in Malta by a group of like-minded developers passionate about online slots, under the name ‘Server-Based Solutions’
  • 2010: This was also the year that they received an MGA license
  • 2012: This marked the introduction of the first server-based game
  • 2015: Adopted the name of Wazdan
  • 2015: The company began using HTML5 to code their games
  • 2017: UKGC license acquired, allowing the company to operate within the UK.
  • 2018: Wazdan won two prestigious awards: Start-Up of the Year at MIGEA, and Online Casino Innovator at the CEEG awards.
  • 2019: Continued expansion and development, releasing some of the most well-known titles today

That’s not all that they’ve won, though. Here’s a more comprehensive list of Wazdan and their many achievements:

Wazdan Awards

  • 2018: Online Casino Innovator, CEEG
  • 2018: Hot Hit Products, G2E Asia
  • 2018: Start-Up of the Year, MIGEA
  • 2019: Malta’s Best Gaming New Slots Developer, MIGEA
  • 2019: Slot Game of the Year, MGA
  • Aside from this, Wazdan has received a significant amount of nominations for their various titles.

Did you know?

Wazdan prioritise their players and customers above all else! Their games have been designed and developed to maximise any revenue that you could be receiving. With over 50 people who share this vision, Wazdan is always looking for new ways to better itself or engage its hordes of loyal players.

Short Strategy for Casino Games by Wazdan

It’s important for any Wazdan player to identify HOW they’d like to play, as this can allow them to make the most of the titles. Identify whether you’d prefer to play on low volatility (more wins, lower amounts), normal volatility, (normalised) or high volatility (fewer wins, higher amounts), and adjust the game accordingly.

Wazdan Casinos Best Tips

For players looking to win big: you’ll need to have your strategy!

Our recommendation for those looking to score the jackpot is to always play on HIGH volatility. You might win less often, and it could be more risk, but you’re more likely to hit larger multipliers and bigger numbers.

You should also try to play on the ultra-fast mode, as this can allow you to maximise your time playing the game. You can fly through the spins, giving you more opportunities to hit the jackpot.

As always, make sure to bet on every payline!

Wazdan Games Maximum Winnings

The maximum winnings will always vary based on the game you play. Similarly, it depends on whether there is a set jackpot, progressive jackpot, or a multiplier system.

Our research so far shows that the maximum winnings will come from Fruit Mania Deluxe, which has a max win of x1000 your bet and a total bet of £100 – making the maximum win up to 100,00.

Wazdan Software: Our Conclusion

Overall, Wazdan casinos provide a breath of fresh air into the slots gaming market. Too many slots these days repeat themselves: basic ideas, minimal gameplay and terrible graphics.We like Wazdan due to the fact that they really try to make their titles as exciting as possible for anyone who plays them. Rather than releasing copy-paste games just to tick boxes, they really put thought into their releases.We would like to see more options for volatility in the future, and definitely some bigger jackpots, but for now, Wazdan is a great company that provides some truly unique slots.

I like Wazdan, I really do. The mechanics actually keep me interested, and there’s no mundanity like in the typical casino games you might come across. I definitely think there’s room for improvement, so I’m excited to see just where the company goes in the future. Emily Campbell Emily Campbell Expert

Wazdan Casinos FAQs

Why is it called Wazdan?

Unfortunately, no information is available on the unusual selection of a name. It was originally called Server-Based solutions, as the casino games were designed to be played online, via a server.

What does the Wazdan ultra-lite mode do?

Ultra-Lite mode essentially slows the game down. It makes it easier for slower setups to play the game, making it truly accessible for all. A downside of this is that the game will move slower, so it might not be as exciting as it could be.

What does the Wazdan ultra-fast mode do?

Contrary to the above, Ultra-Fast mode speeds the game up! If you like fast-paced action, volatile slots and making the most of your time, Ultra-Fast is the way to go. It will make the slots move incredibly quickly, so you won’t get the satisfaction of watching the reels spin!

How does the Wazdan volatility mode work?

Volatility is essentially how volatile the game is, or how likely you are to lose your stake. The higher the volatility, the more likely you are to lose your bet; the lower the volatility, the less risk to the player! High volatility mode makes the game significantly more volatile. You’ll win much less often than in low-volatility mode, but the wins will be MUCH bigger. On the other hand, low volatility will secure more frequent wins at lower amounts.

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