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Online Casinos for the UK – Test & Comparison

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In our online casino test we follow the strict criteria. Unfortunately, there are many “black sheep” who unnecessarily delay a payout or make it so complicated that it is almost impossible to get your money back. This would be incredibly upset and you would be very annoyed because you feel like in the case of fraud. That’s why we do this test of online casinos for you. Through online casino reviews you can decide if this online casino worth your time.

Moreover, at Casino Now we also offer online casinos comparison. So you can compare individual casinos directly with each other and decide for the best one. For example, you may pay attention to deposit bonuses and immediately decide for the online casino winner which is in the top for this offer. Because with the winner of the certain test you always make a right choice. We take a serious approach and check each individual casino all the way round in the review process.

Best online casinos: Top Rating

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How we test online casinos?

Let’s describe the testing process in short.

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    Loading the casino’s site first we look at the design and clarity. A user-friendly website that is displayed correctly on different devices is a must.

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    Then we check the security as well as the licensing of online casino.

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    The next step – assessing the games selection. The more games casino offers – the better. After all, you also want to experience a colourful variety and have a wide range of games, don’t you?

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    Then we examine bonus programs of operators. For example, some offer a bonus on the first deposit, while other online casinos reward free spins on a registration there.

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    We also pay attention to customer service and certainly to helpfulness and competence. If you have specific questions, customer service should answer them quickly depending of the source of communication. Requests should be dealt with quickly and competently.

This online casinos comparison helps us to find a winner, which one we can recommend for everyone and with a clear conscience.

Online Casino Test – Mobile apps are more in demand

We’re also looking at whether the provider is offering apps. After all, more and more people will be playing with smartphones or tablets in 2019. This is why it has become a criterion in the meantime whether there is a mobile app or not. Of course, this should be free of charge. There are also some providers who further sell the app. We do not promote this. Because we pay attention to fairness and equality of platforms and providers.

By contrast, there are also some apps that reward mobile players with special services or bonuses. We emphasize such providers separately, because something like that is very praiseworthy and also sensible, if you look at current trends.

How important is eCOGRA Seal?

The eCOGRA Seal of Approval is mandatory for the testing of best online casinos. If a casino does not have this seal, this does not stand for quality and seriousness. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to it. After all, this stands for corresponding security standards that a British expert company has carried out.