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April 08, 2021

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Emily Campbell

Emily Campbell

Game Expert & UK Editor

Game Expert & UK Editor: Emily Campbell

Have you ever wanted to experience the experience of another person from the safety of your home, without taking any risk, with all the fun and excitement? If you are honest with yourself, your answer will be yes, and I will tell you that I am the person who can provide that for you. A casino is more than life, and life is more than a casino, so now you have the opportunity to hear something about the perfect balance of the two, and the integrated existence of one in the other, all in one person. Let’s start this story from the beginning, which will bring us to the end!

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About me

Hello! I’m Emily Campbell, from London. I was born on October 10, 1977, in London, where I spent my first 18 years of life. Ever since my motto has been “It is a mistake not to take a step, a wrong step is not a mistake.” At the age of 19, I moved to Newcastle, where I studied marketing at Newcastle University. I am now an online casino expert at CasinoNow.

My lifelong gambling journey

The job I’m currently doing came from my learning path. I learned marketing, languages, I learned life, and I learned to love what I do a little before I start doing it. Let’s go that way step by step. However, not only the steps I took are important here, but also the steps my family took, which I took as a very young child. My parents are young in body and even more so in spirit, and by profession, my father is an economist and my mother is a writer. A perfect combination of precision, creativity and passion. As a very young, as an only child, followed all the attention, but also knowledge and responsibility. For that reason, my father always took me with him when he went to seminars or the company. He once went to one big international seminar in America when I was already 18 years old. On that occasion, when we had one day off, we went to the casino, secretly, without my mother’s knowledge. Then my father taught me how beautiful happiness is, why you should give it a chance and how much it can bring you. It was the first puzzle of what my life is today.

He once went to one big international seminar in America when I was already 18 years old. On that occasion, when we had one day off, we went to the casino, secretly, without my mother’s knowledge. Then my father taught me how beautiful happiness is, why you should give it a chance and how much it can bring you. It was the first puzzle of what my life is today. After the seminar, my great interest became great ambitions and mischievous ways. I secretly took a book from my dad that he bought there on that occasion, I remember, it was “Little green book of poker” by Phil Gordon. This is where my new journey began and this is where my old passion for living with adventure continued.

After a long study and friendly parties, after two years, my first professional party came. It was the most beautiful game of my life, I guess because it’s the first, usually, it happens… Excitement at using everything you’ve learned and adrenaline at the uncertainty of everything you can never know, that feeling of science still can’t create, and I can bring back only beautiful memories. Now I have a family that supports me in what I do, and they are interested in the world of gambling.

Casinos I’ve visited

At first, long before I became part of CasinoNow and CasinoNow part of me, I toured the casinos mostly on weekends, but over time I couldn’t suppress that passion, and from the weekend I switched to other weekdays as well. Initially, during my studies, I visited casinos in United Kingdom. I visited the Hippodrome Casino in London, where the first most exciting game I talked about earlier took place.

  • Hippodrome Casino in London brought me a new experience in every sense, but that experience is not only related to the game, but also to the society with which I stayed there. Namely, I went there with my mother when she wanted to understand what I was doing and what was so special about it. Seeing her excitement in my eyes and feeling her hope gave a new dimension to my game.
  • The Palm Beach Casino in London chronologically was one of the last casinos before I would dedicate my engagement to the online dimension. At that time, this casino was a choice because I wanted to bring back the old memories of my first casino, and in terms of name and ambience, this casino looked just right.
  • Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco brought back great excitement to my game. When I was already an experienced player, as well as a big poker fan, I wanted to do what any big fan would do, I visited one of the most famous casinos in the world. I will never forget that feeling of living in the film. That luxury and opportunities were outfitted for the world’s greatest players, I don’t know if I was one of them, but I was definitely among them then.
  • The Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas – I will never forget this casino that took me to the top of my career. Then I was in the casino longer than ever, actually 8 hours non-stop and won $ 237,000. Great film scripts were written for that place, but also some of the most important pages of my life.
The Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Later, when I started a family, it became a luxury for me to travel and be separated from my family. In the meantime, my engagement at CasinoNow also began and at that moment my job and my passion became my life. Today, I choose my ambience and travel to the world of adventure from my room with the help of most popular slots online.

My mission at CasinoNow

Today, my task and my job at CasinoNow is not much different from what it has been so far. The difference is in the order and the way of approach. Namely, I now professionally approach each casino with much more detail and consideration. Also, I’m researching new experiences and summarizing old ones. Everything that I went through, I now pass on to others, through detailed searches, as well as participation in various sites or online casinos, to share all the experiences with clients and help their choices and decisions. The best online casinos, conditions of participation, method of payment, as well as personal advice, all this is my task and their need to know. Payment methods, as well as the software used, are very important items that I interpret for clients and who will determine the quality of work of that online casino, and thus the evaluation of the same, apropos positive or negative comment.

I will help you become the best online casino player

I may not be able to teach you how to be lucky, but I can teach you how to be happy, I can teach you how to become a real player. Excitement, adrenaline and impatience are all that you will experience in this game, but the same thing needs to be channeled and controlled to become a true professional. It is here that we have described my tasks which, using my experience and acquired knowledge, I will transfer to you on this journey. The games you will experience rely on luck, but also depend on experience. An experience is not something that occurs after a few games or months, so it cannot be bought, but this is the way you can get it. After the first and favorite book about poker that I read at the very beginning, there are many professional and pounce books from this field, the essence of which I will convey to you more efficiently and help you choose casinos, assess chances, understand opponents and obstacles and game theory…

Constant updates of our articles are your success!

Knowledge is never constant and instantaneous because otherwise, it becomes information that no longer has a practical application. I have experienced it in practice, and now I apply it in theory. To upgrade my knowledge and feed my inexhaustible ambition, I regularly visit casinos, follow experiences, read new literature and follow updates from both the technical and personal aspects of the player. All of this contributes to me updating you regularly and accurately so that you can approach the game with the necessary new knowledge, and not with outdated tips and unverified information. Your path to success is my new path, where I will try to help you avoid all unnecessary detours, obstacles and misconceptions. Only an expert can help you become an expert in a short amount of time, because life gives long lessons, and I’m here right away at CasinoNow.