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Review of Merkur Software for Online Casino

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Merkur Gaming is a software company based in Germany and is a subsidiary of the Gauselmann Group, which has more than 50 years of experience in the gaming industry. Merkur has made a name for itself with land-based gaming products, including the development of slot machines, games and progressive jackpot systems that have been integrated worldwide.

In recent years, Merkur Gaming has made great strides in the development of online casinos, introducing a range of lottery and server-based games published by a small number of casinos. The online games are mainly ports of the company’s most popular land-based slots, which gives casinos the opportunity to win a large number of players who had played these games in the past. Read more about Merkur Gaming here at Casino Now.

History of Merkur Gaming Foundation

The history of Merkur Gaming goes 50 years back to 1957, when Paul Gauselmann founded the Gauselmann Group – a huge company specializing in the manufacture of gaming machines and betting games. In fact, the businessman has patented over 200 titles and other inventions under his name. Well, that’s a good reputation for ingenuity and innovation. So you can be pretty sure that this software vendor will deliver some very fascinating games.

Top Merkur Games:

221B Baker Street: 221B Baker Street is a kind of slot game where you don’t mind losing a few coins simply because the entertainment value of the game covers everything for you.

It may look like old school stuff, even though it’s just an online offer. The gameplay itself, like most slot games, is as simple as it appears. During the development of this game, Merkur has tried to adapt the look and feel of the game to different degrees to suit the layout of websites where it’s played. This means that this slot game can produce slightly different vibes (in terms of colour combinations, sounds and visual effects) on different gaming sites. But for what it’s worth, the base gameplay is very similar.

Candy and Fruits: Sweets and fruit slots will give you nostalgia. It follows the same look and feel of classics like old time slots and this retro look and feel is further enhanced by the graphics and sounds of the game. The visuals and audio are as simple as the premise of the game. Candy and Fruits was unveiled by Merkur as part of their back campaign and was able to achieve what they wanted; it has become a beloved game among the players. There are five reels and a maximum of ten paylines. You start with three paylines and if you win an amount from 1 coin, you get two more paylines. This continues until you have unlocked all the paylines.

Knights Life: The incredible slot of Knights Life has 5 fixed paylines, 3 lines and 5 reels. If you want to play Merkur free online slot games for fun and like medieval romance, this slot will satisfy your needs. Watch the life of brave knights and win the fantastic prizes in this slot title!