Why CasinoNow is the best guide for UK online casinos?

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Emily Campbell

CasinoNowIn the online casino business, the match winner is always the party that comes up with innovation and attractive offers to bring in people, and the team behind CasinoNow portal has always been determined and focused to provide you the exact and accurately better casino than any other in the market. Other experts of casino sites reviews publish the bright topics such as: Top 10 Online Casinos UK nowadays, or Top 20 UK Casinos Sites, even 100 Best Online Casinos, what a hackneyed. We only focus on the symbol of luck – 7 – popular online casinos best of the best.

Our customer feedbacks and reviews have always been positive and full of praise for the work we do. We don’t mean to go in to self-praise but once you start playing with what CasinoNow suggests, it’s actually very hard to stop.

Top United Kingdom Casino Sites 2020:

£1500 + 100 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
100% up to £200 T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£200 T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£100 + 50 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
100% up to £100 T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£200 + 200 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
100% + 50 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£100 + 300 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£100 + 50 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£499 + 100 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
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£400 + 100 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£300 + 300 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
100% + 50 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£100 + 200 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£600 + 200 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£200 + 200 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom
£100 + 10 FS T&C
Valid for United Kingdom


Young team of experts opens a world of top casino sites UK

CasinoNow guide is famous for knowing how to attract customers and then keep glued to our services. We know what people want to spend money on, and what returns they expect from us. While we run a business and nothing is given to any customers on the basis of favouritism, we believe it is the right of every customer to be treated equally.

We let you decide the casino you want to play according to your liking and the amount of money you’re willing to put in. Then, we guide you about prizes, bonuses and offers for you while you’re playing the game which are absolutely amazing. We believe in treating loyalty with respect and giving returns to our customers for their trust in us.

So if you become a regular reader @CasinoNow, you’ve just multiplied your chance of coming across exciting bonuses and awards. If you’re a newbie, or are just testing waters if whether gambling and casinos are your thing, even then we’ve got you covered. We have basic level casinos with games where you can play with other players who are either newbie or rookies so that the competition level is equal.

The Benefits that you get

  • Receive general and useful information on casino gambling online UK;
  • Understand the top casinos’ estimating process made by our experts;
  • Go deep in details of each assessment criteria;
  • Realise pros and cons of online casinos;
  • Explore why UKGC is so vitally important;
  • Get an opportunity to imagine the universe of online casinos in the near future.

But since CasinoNow has always been so tempting to its customers, it won’t be too big a surprise if you get addicted to us, in a good way though. And since our customers mean so much to us, so we guarantee the safety of their money at all casinos. We assure that once they’re done playing, they won’t feel cheated or ripped off. And in case if you take home some winnings, we make it very easy for you to access that money without having to go through any special channels.

Regarding time factor you are luckiest.

The 21st century raised tech and social sphere to mind-boggling heights. If someone asks what the best time for online casino gambling is, no other way it’s now. The United Kingdom as one of the largest gambling markets in the world and best online casinos are rivalling each other there as knights on a tiltyard.

Some useful features on gambling UK

Safe and exciting gameplay – the matter all we want.

First thing when it comes to best casino UK experience is legislation related to this very topic. Our experts researched frequently asked questions on online gambling legal system specially for you.

With this knowledge you will feel like a duck to water:

  • Gambling online is completely legal in the UK;
  • Permitted age to register UK based online casino is 18;
  • Fully regulated by the British Government providing fair and transparent gambling
  • The main supervisor and quality guarantor is United Kingdom Gambling Commission, so licenses & disputes resolution is managed by UKGC;
  • UKGC licence is obligatory for British online casinos and international brands operating in UK;
  • Gambling winnings are not taxable; applies only to British citizens and does not effects representatives of other countries.

It’s important to note that we have only analysed best UK casino sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission to make certain all of them are checked and approved.

Any site that did not comply with this simple rule did not fall into our focus of interest, as it could easily be unreliable or illegal.

List of best online casino advantages

  • Online casino games do not consume physical space, there are hundreds of different options to choose that suit every taste and budget for the most fastidious player.
  • The opportunity to try almost any game for free in top online casinos UK; there is no need to spend your money, but time to get new experience and knowledge. If the test was fruitful, you are welcome to bet real money.
  • The number of players is not limited (aside live games), forget hustling among those who want to play and looking for an empty seat by the table or near slot machines.
  • Convenience and flexibility – instant access to variety of games without having to leave your let us say snag apartment.
  • Top rated casinos are glad to welcome players 24/7/365, so you will not see the “closed” sign.
  • The unique feeling that you’re special here and everything revolves around, for instance a team of best online casino websites is always ready to help: player can call or chat, get answers to all the questions and claim the bonus prepared for his benefit.
  • Special offers like welcome package, loyalty bonuses and generous promotions, while in a land-based casino you only change money for an equal amount of chips.
  • Best casino online sites are always at your fingertips, using mobile technology, if you are not at home or on the move, as digital devices are spread up to 96% of youngsters and middle ages in UK.
  • Several options for depositing – ability to choose the most convenient for you.
  • Enhanced winning opportunities as RTP is significantly higher.
  • Lack of annoying factors such as noise, loud music, twilight and crowds of people you may be distracted by.

How top online casinos UK were estimated?

Many believe that the main purpose for which people play online casino for real money – desire to hit the jackpot, or at least increase your balance by 10-20 pounds. Not willing to scare you, but you are waiting for disappointment with this approach.

There are hundreds of great websites to choose from.

Humanity lives during time pressure and with information pride of place goes to. And spending your personal time to choose a casino – not the best idea. Tips – different forums and review sites, the likes of us, have made all this job instead of you.

The first thing you should remember when playing for real money in online casinos is that you give it to strangers, fully hoping for their honesty and prudence. To increase confidence in the counterparty there are independent people who have already connected these operators and can tell you all the details – independent sites for evaluation.

We guarantee that the operators offered are 100% safe and legal sites, with the main task to satisfy player’s demand.

In all fairness let’s mention the main flaws of online uk casinos

  • Probable technical difficulties that can adversely affect your gaming experience concerning Internet connection and modern tech.
  • Sometimes possible delays with funds withdrawal of from a casino, which can take up to 1-2 weeks.
  • In case of winning a huge sum, the operator makes further check of the player and asks for identity confirmation by scanned copies of documents, credit cards, etc.
  • After all online casino games are incredibly addictive, you are completely immersed in the virtual space and can easily lose touch with reality.

Our evaluation criteria

Each of the criteria has its own weight, but we always look at the situation from the perspective of gamer – his comfort, safety and reliability.

Remember one simple thing – gambling is not about money, it’s about fun, so please always keep it in mind.

Licensing and safety

According to the famous American psychologist Abraham Maslow, safety needs are the second most important in the hierarchy of a human being. It’s not coincidentally, as it transfers to all life aspects.

Contacting the best casino websites, safety is a critical factor, which involves different areas, such as games fairness, technical measures and players’ protection.

Any casino, best or bad, starts with a license. Without it, a casino can’t even open a bank account for its operations. As you know, the license never was a simple thing to obtain. Online casinos have to earn credence by adhering to a certain line of behaviour.

We have mentioned obligatory licensing at the beginning of the article and you read more about it below. Want to know all the details and features? Check our guide on regulation and licensing of gambling in the UK .

Note only that in addition to the mandatory UKGC, there are a number of licensors with different levels of reliability:

  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
  • Local EU Regulations (Belgium, Denmark)
  • Gambling Supervision Commission (Isle of Mann)
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Curacao, etc.

When online casino has other reliable sources of licensing such as MGA it usually takes the cake. It’s another competitive factor our team are assessing right along.

Technical measures are taken to protect players’ personal data by encrypting confidential information.

Typically, now there is a principle that all connections, financial transactions in the first turn, are encoded using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

The independent bodies are constantly testing random number generators (RNG) and Return to player (RTP) percentages of online casinos.

The prominent safety-keepers are:

All the auditors are recognized by the UKGC and cooperates one way or another. Any player can easily find the “seals” of these testing agencies scrolling to the bottom of casino websites linking to certificates and other reports.

On the other hand, one thought never leaves an average person’s head when thinking about uk online casinos entertainment. It’s compulsive or problem gambling.

Gambling Commission reports that over 2 million people are in risk zone. The result of this disorder could be financial losses and personal problems. Remember, the best casinos always cooperate with non-profit organizations (GambleAware, GamCare) to protect their players. The trusted casino sites are the only choice.

We should say thanks to UKGS for:

  • Only the top online casinos: proven, honest and financially stable are licensed,
  • Ability to check a casino operator for a valid license and get all support info,
  • UKGC defines set of rules, primarily aiming at players’ protection, all top UK casinos adhere to,
  • Ascertains online casino solvency, so a gamester will receive his gain and save deposit or refund in any case,
  • Ensuring confidential data security as well as its inaccessibility to outsiders due to high-level encryption,
  • UKGC embraces external audit of online casinos, for example, RNG testing,
  • Promotion of responsible gambling ideas and cooperation with the gambling problem organizations,
  • All-in-all UKGC acts on behalf of online casino members and fully protects its interests in case of any,
  • The Commission is the ultima ratio and effective ally, if casino operator wants to put your money in the pockets.

Games and soft

The online casino market in the UK is gaining popularity every day since people need to fulfil their hobby while at the relaxation of their own office desk, armchair or their own bed. We have wide variety of games that you can choose and gamble on and find the casino which has that game, which include especially roulette and blackjack. The games in the casino are played live and you can win some extremely good bonuses and rewards for yourself. Our team also review for casinos with hidden prizes in games and you can also win jackpots if luck plays its part for you.

The top online casino sites offer great games which are fair and decent. In the UK a casino is usually determined by the software used. There are several large companies, software providers, that present relatively similar and very wide range of games to different casinos.

All our online casinos meet these requirements and have the widest list of games.

British casino sites as a rule are powered by the following top 3 software:

Best online casino UK has a market standard – variety of games to choose from, such as slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and other board games, as well as live casino section, which will be explored further.

Slots presented by thousands of version which are impossible to try all. They grouped in classis slots, video slots and progressive; the slots are united by the fact that there is no optimal strategy, you just bet & play.

How to choose a best slot machine? You should enjoy the game process (graphics, sound), the machine should be quite generous. But different players are looking for different slots: someone like free spins with a multiplication of winnings, which are rarely fall out but generously rewarded, others – beautiful bonus games, which gives additional hope to win, third prefer small but frequent wins. If you do not want to spend money on experiments, there is always a practice mode that will allow you to evaluate the game.

  • Roulette as the most popular game, it is unlikely that someone is not familiar with. There are three main variants – European, American and French.
  • Poker with almost 200 years of history and many varieties of the game, which have one common characteristic – the players seek to collect the strongest hand combination against the casino.
  • Blackjack comprising a dozen different games with the goal to score 21 points or the maximum amount close to it without busting. This game has short learning course with optimal strategy is not very difficult, in most cases it can be remembered.
  • Card games that cannot be attributed to poker or blackjack like Baccarat, Casino War, Red Dog are waiting for you in almost every top online casino and does not require great skills.
  • Other games present a variety of lottery games mostly: scratch cards, bingo, keno and so on.

Not everyone understands what RTP is, so let’s briefly analyse this topic.

This is the percentage of bets that are paid to players. It is important to understand that the statistics are not counted on hundreds, but on millions of spins played, if we talk about slots.

Even if RTP 99.9% you can still steadily lose (though with a very low probability), because in fact everything in life rests on the probability of 50/50.

We have selected casinos that not only have high RTP according to statistics, but also in reality, based on our and other players experience.

Payment methods

Usually, players from the UK have to make sure they register at good casino sites that accepts a wide range of secure payment methods. But our team have already run this test single-handedly.

After passing the easy process of registration, you will need to fund your player account in order to play games for real money.

Some operators are better than others in terms of payment options variety. A good operator provides a large selection of payment methods for free.

Almost all operators accept credit and debit cards as well as various alternative payment methods.

The popular payment options in the United Kingdom are:

All the casino payments, including deposits and withdrawals, must be fast and secure.

When the method of payment has been chosen, it’s necessary to compare fees associated with deposits. Fees may apply depending on the payment solution that is used to.

Usually, deposits are processed down on the nail and do not require additional fees.

Often the minimum sum a player can deposit ranges from £10 to £25, but it all depends on terms and conditions online casino follows.

The next step is to check the minimum / maximum amounts for deposit and withdrawal in pounds sterling to and from players’ accounts as well as processing time. Especially it has a point for withdrawals period fluctuating from one UK casino to another as operators never pays in a snap.

It may take several business days as the best case scenario. No doubt, quick withdrawals are very important for players.

The good advice, as you always check the financial capacity of your pockets, is to appraise financial muscles of the casino before start playing.

Please consider yourself lucky. CasinoNow have already evaluated casinos financial strength for the review process.


The bonus is the first thing that online casinos attract new players. And, no surprise, this simple scheme works.

Let’s be honest, all of us love a free-load or some benefits gratuitously. Bonus is just about it. Almost every online casino offers some kind of good deal, whether it’s doubling your deposit or certain slot machines with free spins for beginners.

The most popular bonus types for online casino UK operators are:

  • Matching bonus, when you get an extra pound for each pound deposited within a fixed limit;
  • No deposit bonus, giving you a chance to try casino games for free operating small sums;
  • Free spins, opportunity to revolve slots and win a jackpot with no money deposited;
  • Cashback, in case of unlucky game round a part of dropped money will be returned;
  • Balance money, a free sum of money transferring to the player’s account;
  • Banking method, extra coins for a separate type of payments;
  • Time limited promotions, benefits offered on daily or weekly basis;
  • Loyalty programs.

What are best online casino bonuses in the uk? The ideal bonus offer depends heavily on the type of player. For instance, a casino beginner claims a welcome bonus, an existing player gets regular bonuses, such as weekly promotions, as well as special VIP offers for those who are ready to deposit thousands of pounds.

Dealing with online casino bonuses, please always keep in mind the following points:

  • Wagering requirements, that mean you have to gamble a certain amount of cash (usually calculated by multiplying bonus value by the special ratio 10-40x as a rule) if you want the bonus money to be withdrawn;
  • Expiration date, so joy couldn’t be endless and casino sets time limits for bonus to be implemented;
  • Bonus codes, are still applicable in case of special offers or mobile gameplay, for instance;
  • Bonus offer is the effective tool in competitive struggle first and players’ satisfaction cannot be considered as a prime objective.

Here we have estimated the best bonus offers in UK based online casinos for 2018 through the analysis of various factors that will suit all players. Just in case we advise you to carefully read the conditions to understand how the bonus works, all the shades and details.


The 21st century is marked by the growing popularity of smartphones and tablet devices thus almost every kiddy kills spare time by tapping touchscreen once and again. The life is becoming more and more mobile, so part of daily round is transferring to digital companions.

In a logical way, top online gambling sites also appeared on mobile devices. This is rather a new and popular trend, while 20 years ago people could only play Snake – the Nokia game.

The golden age of mobile casinos has begun when Apple presented the new iPhone and powerful AppStore as well as launching Android platform and Google Play. Thanks to HTML5, web design turns on cross-platform what has simplified the work of developers and attracted more casino clients to play on the go irrespective to place and time.

Nowadays many new online casinos are designed with mobile games in mind. The mobile version generally has almost full functionality but sometimes a player can meet a limited range of casino game types and variants.

Features of mobile casinos:

  • Ability to play favourite games never mind where and when;
  • Mobile sector comprising array of games made by a score of software providers;
  • All types of traditional entertainment: slot machines, card games and live dealers, are ready for fingertips action at online casino sites uk;
  • Availability of different devices, except for older phones where a problem could arise;
  • Routinely casino operators develop iOS or Android software applications;
  • Additional perk is some exclusive bonuses are obtainable only at mobile devices.

How we have tested top casino websites in terms of mobility:

  • Device types – different models of mobile phones and tablet computers;
  • Operating systems – diverse versions of iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry;
  • Browser platform and screen usability;
  • App availability and quality.

All recommended online casinos specially selected for UK players are mobile-friendly and steady operating on widely-used devices such as Android, iOS and Windows. Our final goal is confidence that you’ll get best gambling casinos on whatever platform used.


Without doubt, reliable customer support is an important factor for best casino online.

While sign-up or in playing process, a casino client unexceptionally faces different issues. These questions don’t rely on gamer’s experience and could be connected with registration, gambling rules, bonus system, money depositing/withdrawal, site operation and many others. And trained staff of any top-notch casino are happy to provide you assistance if needed.

The link to customer services is always placed in a prominent place what saves players’ time and makes a good impression.

The main methods of support:

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ), this section comprises popular questions, so very likely a player will find an answer to the issues.
  • Live chat, as probable easiest and the most practical way, is the key point that distinguish a good casino from a small fry. The best case is 24/7 chat support available day by day whether holidays or not. Sometimes best on line casinos teams has appointed working hours, if so, they should correspond to the British working hours leastways. A sound advice is to make screenshots of conversations in order to have confirmation images if something goes wrong or check information missed.
  • Phone support, not always necessary and prevalent tool, but there are occasions when talk to someone and explain the situation is crucial. Grand casinos have toll-free numbers as a rule, otherwise a player may face a charged call.
  • Email communication, as a common networking method of daily routine, and no exception for online casinos. Site may have a standard e-mail address to send a message or contact form to fill out, but it’s clearly support team response here as a snail within 24-48 hours. But this road is useful anyway as allows users describe problems in details and attach a screen grab to illustrate the point.
  • Post, despite of IT development a postal service is still on the float in the UK. The aged players usually hold to the traditions and put letters with questions or suggestions to mailbox.
  • Social media platforms, nowadays is an upcoming way not only for communication and dealing with problems, but getting news on promotions and special offers. Facebook and Twitter audience is spreading out at light speed and it’s win-win strategy both for casinos and players.

A few words on casino support test.

First, CasinoNow team prepared a list of questions ahead both soft and tricky. Second, we contacted online casino support by all ways accessible. Third, we evaluated results in terms of feedback quality, responding and waiting time, professional competences and casino manners.

Moreover, despite the fact that English is the language of international communication, we gave priority to best casino sites speaking British English to feel like at home.

In general, high level of customer service is provided by hardly all operators but you can be sure that our list of best online casinos gives 100% support. Top rated online gambling sites are always ready to help.

Casino web site

Web site is a face of best online casino sites which makes the first impression, gives birth to emotions and defines enjoyment level playing it.

Visiting a casino page, player may feel of threadbare, finding possible similarities between some casinos in terms of design and layout. No wonder, the reason is the same software developers and casino groups. Due to these peculiarities web sites may have the same features, colours and roadmaps.

Almost every location looks nice. But it’s not all as easy as it sounds. The devil is in details, as usual.

Let’s highlight features of casino top online that will please your eyes:

  • intuitive and user-friendly interface, even on a mobile screen;
  • easy navigation and clear site map;
  • quick loading time irrespective to the type of device applied;
  • reliable and stable functioning;
  • up-to-date design and cosy graphics
  • use of security certificates like SSL;
  • absence of bugs and errors;
  • links to licenses and gambling problem organizations
  • catchy and branded URL address;

The ground rule concerning operators’ sites is that serious online casinos have well-thought and highly advanced web interface as these presented above.

But, of course, we don’t make a final opinion judging only by appearance. Always remember it’s only wrapping covering under-the-hood. The online casino sites make an impression but the best experience comes from the gambling backbone.

Live games section

Currently it’s hard to find good online casino with lack of live games section fuelling you sense being in the centre of the action. The main idea is to present a service which suits best for lovers of traditional land-based casino games.

Live casino games were first introduced in the early of millennium when the quality of web streaming opened an opportunity for sitting home and playing on the air.

With breakthrough technologies sustaining meteoric rise over the last decade, live casino games became smooth and highly perceiving entertainment, winning players hearts continually. HD video, conversation with the dealer and instantaneous response leads you to the feel standing in mortar-and-brick casino environment like in good old days.

Another reason for live games promotion is luck of trust to random number generators touching table games. Despite the fact that casino games are fully tested and RTP is available to the public, players would like to see real objects and live dealer.

Live casino games are the choice of those who prefer skill gambling, social engagement and situation control.

As a rule, online casinos do not produce the own software for live games, but purchase it from third party developers. As in case for other casino games, the following software brands are in great request: Evolutions Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Extreme Live Gaming and so on.

Choosing a live dealer casino, we also analysed mobile versions and checked availability of tables and live dealers.

Future of best online casinos UK

What does future have in store for us in terms of online gambling?

There is no need to seek assistance of crystal-gazers or voodoo priests, because trends in casino websites uk are clear enough and predictable. Let’s mention some key points for year 2019 and 2020.

First of all, the industry is highly related with technological development. Presentation of new technologies such as VR and block chain brings a boost to foundation of casinos with virtual reality and crypto-casinos. This trend will progress in the near future and who knows which technologies will wait us in the far future.

Second, the market indicators of the gambling sector are forecasted to grow year by year, upholding the existing trend line both globally and for the United Kingdom. In the same way, competition between casino operators will get a tougher end what will positively influence players as new games and services meant to be realized.

Third, mobile gambling will conquer more and more hearts as cell phones are transforming from useful devices to companions of life which mankind are not willing to unhand.

Despite of future situation, you can be sure that CasinoNow is always on the players’ side and ready to provide you the best solutions in the world of online casinos.

Stay tuned, choose top UK casino sites and enjoy gambling!